K12 Online Conference Keynote

davidw.jpgDavid Warlick gave the keynote for the twitter.jpg K-12 Online Conference this morning. It was great to have chat, Twitter and David speaking. People were commenting and giving help while the presentation was giving.

What I liked best about this keynote is that it speaks specifically to changing the education model. Students are learning as a community. The current model of school does not expect group learning. “The future depends on solving this problem.” I plan to use this video with staff.

Other points I plan to work on with teachers:

  • Changes in the kinds of job we prepare students for
  • Free agents: what a concept!
  • Community of people learning together
  • How we use information has changed and what we can do with it
  • Can our students produce a product that can compete with other products
  • Students remixing content
  • Change is within the grasp of those of us paying attention

Flat Classrooms

  • Info-savy students (need teachers to work info)
  • New Information landscape
  • Unpredictable future

I will be watching and listening to this many more times. Thanks David!

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