Educon: Open Professional Development

Robin Ellis and Darren Draper
USTream and wiki
Robin is in the room and Darren is Sandy, Utah via Skype video
Tools: UStream, Skype, internet, webcam
For newbies taught through the internet.
All about connecting with teachers and moving them into this century.

Staff Development in schools
Teachers planned professional development seems to get more buy in.
Instructional Coach as a model?
Why did you pick this class and what do you expect to get out of it? Leave time for practice and reflection and how to put it in to practice.

Training vs professional development

Essential Questions

  1. What is education?
  2. What keeps teachers from adapting to change? (Why would educators want to change?)
  3. What is professional development?
  4. What keeps teachers from actively participating in Professional development?
  5. What is OPEN Professional Development
  6. What can we do to promote conversations in our communities for change?

Partnership for 21st century skills
“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”
Education vs education system.
A new way of learning and thinking. Not everyone is there yet. The Connections we get through using technology is not familiar to some learners. How do we help those people learn.
Mitchell Resnick: How do we keep the learning in kindergarten to carry foward.

Will this new tool HELP me you them UNDERSTAND

Development as a profesional

The only constant in life is change.

rigor, relevance, relationships – the “new” three r’s from Dennisar via Twitter

Each person should have a personal learning network, first in school and then online.

Continue the conversation at OpenPD

Online community is a model that should be replicated in schools. Teachers could get the point of throwing themselves in their learning.

DuFour Book On Common Ground.


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