Educon: Are we looking closely enough at student experience and engagement?


  1. Are we looking closely enough?
  2. What does that mean for each student?
  3. What’s the key to motivation?


  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Theory as it applies to learning
  • Attribution
  • Role of technology in this process

Asking the questions: What is the concept of proportion vs. in what ways is the concept of proportion useful?

Attribution when it’s specific and clear (here’s a science fiction book) is motivating (Liz Davis)

Expectation of work. Achievement goals work better than Performance goals

Motivation has to be challenging. Work hard, it has to fail a few times and then succeed.

Competition is motivating when it’s about your goals, not comparing yourself to others.

Intrinsic motivation is entailed whenever people behave for the satisfaction inherent in the behavior itself – Sansone&Harackiewicz

Education makes pawns of the learners and origins of the teachers. Pawns are less motivated than origins.

Learning is about ownership of knowledge. Each of us learn in different ways.

Learned helplessness


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