Educon: The Dialogic Practitioner: Becoming Teacher 2.0

Konrad Glogowski

The classroom is now in a vital sruggle for survival with the immensly persuasive”outside” world created by new informational media. Education must shift from instruction, from imposing of stencils, to discovery – to probing and exploration and to the recognition of the language of forms” Marshall McLuhan

The Embedded Practitioner
Becoming a Teacher 2.0

Nobody can force change on anyone else. It has to be experienced – Eric Trist

How do we help teachers look at change in their practice.

Shift from marking up papers to blogging

Lose the teacherly voice

Collective community responses

It’s about recognizing and visiting their spaces

Arthus: “I think it is time we stopped talking about student voice and start talking about teacher listening.”

Professional development in the networked world requires

Caravaggio, lantern holding, illuminate, guide. a presense

What does it mean to be educators?

We need unauthorized methods

Create communities of learning

What are my pedagogical weaknesses?

We can embed ourselves in our immediate contexts, in our everydy paractice by co-creating and participating in:

  • Classroom Learning Communities

Karen Janowski: “Konrad – “I had to walk into the classroom and say, I don’t know.” when was the last time you said that to your students?”

Image map of community, kids choose who they are on the map. Scan the map and link to the kids blogs. Sense of belonging, community

As a teacher how do you find your place in the community?

Third places, places for students to write that is non school like, fun, vital, real, useful, sustainable

Project for public spaces

21 classes allows for flexibilty, no templates, kids upload their own images. Sense of own space makes it easier for them to start their project.

Promote All Activity and Make it Visible. Sharing student work!

Have I redefined my classroom as a third place?

How to grow a blog (setting goals)On Konrads’ Blog

Help make kids stronger more confident learners


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