MLTI Art, Creativity and Innovation

I went to the MLTI spring conference this weekend. Sessions mainly were designed around how people were using their laptops in they creative arts area. Melissa Noack and I presented the Collaborative History Project that Melissa does with her photo students. We also shared strategies for student engagement using the book The Art and Science of Teaching by Robert Marzano.

I went to an excellent session on Social Art presented by middle school teachers in a one to one environment. They recreated the project 100 people: A World Portrait. Students interviewed people from all walks of life within a 25 mile radius and then wrote and podcasted the stories. It culminated in a beautiful book. The teachers do alot of cross curriculum projects and clearly had accomplished a great deal with their students.

I caught the tale end of Sarah Sutter’s Digital Camera workshop. She has some great ideas for how to use the camera in the classroom. Hope to see her at ACTEM


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