New England Tweetup #1

Front Row: Beth, Alice, John, Steve

Back Row: Karen, Maria, Beth, Colleen, Liz, Linda, Sonja

Way Back: Mike, Mike

A group of New England folks got together for f2f socializing sans computers! Thanks to Liz for organizing the event. Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut were all represented. Some of us had met at Educon, but some people I met for the first time! What fun it is to meet the people you follow and are following! You figure out who is who before you shake hands and say hello. We had some great conversation and hope to do it again soon! Winners for coming the furthest, Beth from the Cape and Steve from Connecticut. You should follow these people!


4 thoughts on “New England Tweetup #1

  1. Cheryl: We talked about trying to another one maybe this summer or in the fall. Will keep you posted!

  2. This was such a great time. Thanks to everyone who made the drive.

    Thinking/planning for the next event…
    P.S. That picture of me with my mouth full has got to go 😉

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