This I Believe…

Liz Davis tagged me for the meme, This I Believe started by Barry Bachenheimer. Thanks Liz!

  • I believe students should have voice in their learning.
  • I believe students should be part of the curriculum process.
  • I believe we should listen to what our students have to say!
  • I believe that educators should take risks and push ourselves to learn at least one new thing every year.
  • I believe technology enhances learning possibilities and provides opportunities to classrooms that encourage research, communication and global citizenship.
  • I believe that students and teachers should take time to see what their peers are writing about… everyday.

I suspect that this is a list that can continue forever. So, I’ll stop and maybe add to it over the summer. For now, I tag:

  1. Mike Arsenault
  2. Mike Richards
  3. Suzanne Hamilton

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