What can I do now that I couldn’t do before?

Darren Kuropatwa


Live blog

sending picture via cell phone

to while68belly@photos.flickr.com

The hyperlink has revolutionized our society, RSS and tagging

Tag for every class! Tag for every student. So teacher can find content.



  • Go out into world
  • Take pic of probability
  • upload to Flickr
  • Tag it (also time and date stamped)

To Start:

  • Students have to create and Flickr account and uplaod 5 pics (to prime it) 1 has to be your fav number
  • Tag with assignment and course tag

Students created rubric (on Darren’s blog)

KIds submit how they are assess themselves.

Pull in content

  • Art teacher and hot spots in Flickr
  • Here’s a photo and you leave a hotspot

Developing expert voices:

  • What do grades mean?
  • using blogging moving from student voice to expert voice

Projects have life and in blog is set up so the projects live on and kids can comment for years. He is trying to foster life long learning


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