A Day in the Life

Darren Kuropatwa




expertvoices08.blogspot.com (see The Assignment: To Develop Your Expert Voice

smartboard lessons podcast

Lids use smartboard sotware free download

Kids podcast learning

Workshop class: Questions in advance, Kids in small groups

Free books How people Learn and How Students learn

What kind of perceptions and misconceptions do students have?


Students: Watch It and Do It Teach It: promotes metacognition

Share everything! (I like this in regards to what Joyce said about students sharing and archiving work)

Knowing all these tools they see how they fit together for their work.


Subscribe to another wiki with student work as another resource

tags for blogs: name, class, and topic

Students write their own page in textbook. Scribe post: each student is responsible for the next scribe and they have to figure it out if post isn’t up. Tag is how to review for test. Chat box right ON BLOG and delicios account. Kids also tag. apCalc, topic with description

if you can tap into their good learning, they’ll do more good learning.

Learning Requires Reflection: Actively and transparently reflect on your teaching

Kathy Sierra post:

Reading Blogs: Aggregate by tags

bluetooth to garage band


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