Real Reasons to Write

Working with Authentic Tools and Authentic Audiences

Dr. Sarah Kadjer

outside writing tools vs in school writing tools

Writing “non negotiables”

  • development of uniques, strong voice.
  • Concise, packed, lively writing (forceful language)
  • clarity and confidence
  • specific examples
  • organization
  • includes writing for authentic audience

Guiding question: “We are doing this in order to do this”

How do we get there?

missed these

James Moffat, 1981: “The three things we do with final versions of writin are post, print, and publish.

Author Quest

Back of Napkin (book)

Storyboard before any visual piece

Flickr 366 project

My Maps at Google

Flip video: Mino has a charger

Prompt” This we believe about the teaching of writing

Invaluable tools:

  • podcasts: A teacher in your pocket interviews and analysis
  • GoogleSchool house share about books
  • Jing

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