A New Show at EdTechTalk, SEEDlings

For the past year, SEEDLINGS has shown up as my webcast academy project. We are ready to move forward to a more consistent time slot. We have talked to Lisa Parisi about webcasting alternate Thurs. when she is not producing her Thur. show. The time slot we are requesting is Thurs. 7:30-8:30 EST. I hope you will join us at EdtechTalk.com. We start August 28th.


4 thoughts on “A New Show at EdTechTalk, SEEDlings

  1. It would be great to have SEEDLINGS on ETT, Alice. I’ll have to get the podcast after though, since I’m teaching at UMA on Thursday evenings! The time slot is nice, though, as it’s not too late for most here in EST.

  2. Well, Alice, we should mention that we are finally graduating from webcast academy.Our graduation show is 8/26/08 19:30 GMT @ edtechtalk.com

    Join us it will be fun.

  3. Great to see a regular hour; maybe I can catch the original show instead of loading up on podcasts! You guys always have good things to share (and some laughs along the way!)

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