7 Things Meme


Selena Ward and Cheryl Oakes both tagged me for this meme. Always late to the party, I am finally getting to it. You are supposed to write 7 things your PLN wouldn’t know about you. So here goes.

I met Seymour Papert in 1985 in Dallas Texas. He inspired me to learn Logo and take the master’s program at Lesley University.

I have 4 younger brothers. When we get together, it’s wild and crazy and mostly just like when we grew up. We have some silly nicknames and words for things that anyone who listens to us must think we’re nuts! The youngest picks on me the most. Still.

I met my husband in Cali, Colombia. Our meeting was almost exactly the same as when Jack meets Joan in Romancing the Stone, except I was NEVER a romance writer!

I used to be a kindergarten teacher. My first teaching job was at a private school in Dallas, Texas, a place I fondly refer to as “my first overseas post”.

When I was a freshman in high school, I was the fives champion for my house at St. Leonard’s School for Girls.

My husband and I acquired a Verreaux’s Eagle-owl in 1989. We lived in Mogadishu, Somalia at the time. The bird had broken both of it’s wings in 2 different accidents, so it could not fly. It used to hang out in my husband’s lectern in his classroom, and when the students came in and sat in their chairs, “Einstien” as he came to be known, would hop up and down the aisles, greeting each student. He had no idea he was supposed to be nocturnal. When we were evacuated from Somalia in 1990, Einstein rode in the front seat of the U.N. plane piloted by a friend. He was picked up in Nairobi, by other friends of ours and lived on their farm for the rest of his life.

I HATE to cook

I’m not tagging anyone. But if you feel like joining in you can add to the 7 Things wiki


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