Schools should prepare our students for the 21st century in the ways they learn best, no matter how they learn.

talk “You had such a great quote on Twitter, Mrs. Barr!” This was the start to one of three conversations I had with students and teachers today. I swear the stars were aligned for learning!

1) Two students were filling in a worksheet and complaining all the way. “What are we learning from this?” asked one. “Nothing” said the other. They proceeded to grouse when I asked them, “What would the perfect class look like”? We proceeded to have a 30 minute conversation on the 70/30 model of Google, learning styles, virtual schools, traditional models of classrooms, public policy in education, and the School 2.0 poster hanging in my room. During the exchange, the principal wandered in and added a few comments and ideas. As we neared the end of class, the most skeptical of the two students said “Where is all this going, we can’t do anything about changing school.” To which the principal replied ” In the last school I was at, I consulted on an independent study called “Design Your Own School”. Draft a proposal and I’ll mentor you.” I hope they write that proposal.

2) Two students were sitting in the computer lab during study hall. One said he loved my quote on Twitter and read it to the other. “That’s cool Mrs. Barr. I wish some other teachers taught us that way.” We then had a conversation about all the different ways teachers teach and what qualities of teaching students think work best in the classroom. One of the students is considering going in to teaching. He is very aware that a teacher must not only know his subject but also be able to “know” his students. He feels that the teachers that he works the best with, really know him and his learning style.

3) A teacher who attended a session on wikis and collaboration by two other teachers in our building  wants to continue the conversation and learn more with her group. She is going to the Leadership team to propose a Community of Practice around that learning.

Whew! I love these kinds of days! I am so lucky to work with some very smart teachers and students!


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