Twitter: Please help identify yourself!

In these days of the push-pull of privacy vs public social networking, I sympathize with newbies who want to get on board and use new technology, but are a bit timid when putting out their information online. Twitter is one of those tools and I think the purpose of filling out the profile is so that people can see what you’re about. As Twitter grows in popularity, I am finding it harder to manage who to follow. Kevin Jarrett twittered yesterday about filling out your profile information and reading A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter.


This was follwed by a Tweet later from ijohnpederson

ijohnToday Richard Byrne tweeted about the Twitter ABC’s. I find it so helpful to see the profile and a link to your work is even more helpful.


So please, I would love to follow you… but if I don’t know you by name or you don’t have a bio, I most likely won’t follow you. Thanks for your help. And if you are interested in seeing who’s in my network, here’s a map.


There are some amazing people to follow. I have learned so much from the folks in this network, I encourage everyone to jump in!


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