Earth Day 2009

earthdayMatt Montagne, Jeff Lebow, Doug Symington, Lisa Durff, and many others manned Earthbridges for a 24 hour Earthday webcast. I helped Thomas Copper and Dr. Holly Martin from The Walkers School broadcast their 5th graders who are sharing their work about taking water samples and collecting data at Nose’s Creek. I was very impressed by these fifth graders and how they behave like such scientists. They share their data at Walker Water World . I’ll post the broadcast and the archives when they become available.

I attended the sessions when Sheila’s students were finishing up and then Linda George’s were starting. Both groups were eloquent and well spoken. Hard to believe they are so young. We are lucky to have kids that care about our planet!


2 thoughts on “Earth Day 2009

  1. One of our science teachers and several of our students added their voices to the EarthCast 09 voice thread. They were pretty excited to hear themselves. Today at school, we turned off all lights and computers (:( for first and second period. The eight graders went out as a group and picked up trash on the small, secondary road leading to our school I think they picked up 14 garbage bags full. Hopefully, they will all think before the litter – an stop.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I look forward to hearing your students on the voicethread. What a great experience for them. What did they think about picking up 14 bags of trash?? That is incredible!

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