MLTI Student Tech Team Conference

We had a terrific day at the Student Tech team conference on Friday. Ben and Ben taught Quizlet to a small group and did a great job explaining the ins and outs of the collaborative flashcard program.

Our Google Super session was amazing. We interacted online with Susan Gendron, the Commisioner of Education in Maine, and George Nelson from NASA. Ernie Easter helped us in the audience, and Google Docs pulled it all together for us. Perhaps the most amazing part was that we over 550 people from around the globe to answer our survey. Here are the data points and survey charts. It was so much fun to work with Jim, Sarah, Kern, and Cheryl. Everyone just rolled with the whole session. We has 800 + people in the audience all on apple iBooks and MacBooks. Cisco had a great chart which showed how many people were on line at once.  Cheryl has done a great job blogging about our experience.


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