What was your biggest take away from NECC 2009?

Picture 8I learned so much at NECC. Going back to the conference planner is  a place to catch up on presentations and links for the sessions, but I find that the conversations are where I learn the most. I sometimes change my mind about who to go listen to based on what people say. I am also fascinated by what other people have found out from sessions and speakers and would love to hear what you learned. So to keep this concept going, I started a form and would love to have you fill in what you learned. Virtual attendees are welcome to participate. The data is posted so it will be fun to see what sorts of things come in and continue our conversations.  Check back to see the new information as it comes in.  I am already seeing some interesting new connections and places to check out. Thanks for continuing the learning!


8 thoughts on “What was your biggest take away from NECC 2009?

  1. Great question, Alice. I’m having trouble settling on just one as my greatest take away. Starting with the Sunday session with Renee Hobbs on Fair Use for Educators and ending with Alan November’s thought provoking two Wednesday sessions – with sessions like GIMP in between, I may need a little time to pick the front runner.

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