Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009

This list came out just as I finished up with classes for the summer. I am thinking about how I might use them with teachers in the fall. What’s the purpose of your project, now pick the tool.

How would you use this list?

What’s interesting is that I only knew three of the 151 international learning professionals that chose the tools, which means there all sorts of new educators to connect with.

What’s Your favorite tool and why?


One thought on “Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009

  1. Some students have also mentioned that a fast paced lecture helps to keep their brain focused and it helps if they have the control to vary the pace of the lecture. Myspeed from enounce can help them speed up or slow down online lectures.
    Less stress for teachers too, because they can just focus on the content and speak naturally without worrying if they are too slow or too fast.

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