Sometimes all it takes is a handshake

Today at school, the Global Action Club introduced the project they want to work on this year. The entire school watched the movie The Way We Get By. It features three people who greet and say good bye to the troops that are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bangor, Maine is the first and last US stop for these troops. But the story is, of course, much more than that.

One of the teachers at our school joined the troop greeters over the Thanksgiving break. He said it was one of the most incredible experiences of his life. He is the faculty advisor for The Global Action Club. It was through his experience that the club is encouraging each of our advisor groups to pack a box and ship it to Iraq. The cost is $13.00 per box. There’s a list of items that troops want. But the teacher told us that the most coveted items are cards and letters from people in the US. After watching the movie we debriefed with our homeroom advisor groups. It really has quite an impact on all of the students, they were full of questions and really want to help.

If you are looking for a great way to share during the holidays, I hope you will consider supporting this project. This film is on PBS or online. Please, if you get a chance, watch it. And have a box of tissue close at hand!


One thought on “Sometimes all it takes is a handshake

  1. I just watched the trailer and knew by those few seconds how amazing this documentary will be. I’ll bring my box of kleenex and report back after watching.

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