SEEDlings Season 2 Show #17

We were joined by Emily Hunt of Common Sense Media.  There are so many great sections to the web site, including tailoring the material so that a child can use it appropriately. You really have to listen to the show to hear about all of the tools. They cover social networking, Facebook, games, books, cell phone use, TV, and so much more. Common Sense media also has a You Tube Channel. What great resources for parents, students and educators. Thanks Emily, for sharing this wealth of material!

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One thought on “SEEDlings Season 2 Show #17

  1. Alice,
    I just ‘discovered’ you as a result of reconnecting with an old friend, colleague and project partner, Beth Holmes. Beth was my collaborator on the THINK SOUTH Antarctic Project in ’98. And now, she’s reconnected me with my Pioneer Mentor ‘Classmate’. This flat world is smaller than we realize.
    I listened to the podcast with Beth and have linked to a lot of your resources to share in my work with colleagues here in PA.
    Any chance you’ll be at the Constructing Modern Knowledge Conf. in NH in July?
    Here’s to reconnecting!!!
    All the best,
    Jerry Christy

    P.S. When can I take this barcode off my forehead? 😉

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