SEEDlings Season 2 Show #7

seedlingsWe learn about Second Life through Janalee Redmond’s eyes. Janalee, also known as Jenette Forager, is the Community Manager for Metanomics. She explains how businesses are currently using Second Life to hold meetings and seminars. She also gives us the numbers on how many colleges and Universities are in Second Life!

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Show and Chat

2007 Edublogs Awards

Streamed live from Second life!

1 . Best individual blog Winner: Science Roll

2. Best group blog Winner: Tech Learning

3. Best new blog Winner: dy/dan Dan Myer

4. Best resource sharing blog Winner: Tipline

5. Most influential blog post Winner: Karl Fisch

6. Best teacher blog Winner: The Tempered Radical

7. Best librarian / library blog Winner: A Library by any other Name

8. Best educational tech support blog Winner: El Tinglado

9. Best elearning / corporate education blog Winner: eLearning Technology

10. Best educational use of audio Winner: Smartboard lessons Podacst

11. Best educational use of video / visual Winner: RGB Street Scholars Think Tank

12. Best educational wiki Winner: Welkers Wikinomics

13. Best educational use of a social networking service Winner: Classroom 2.0

14. Best educational use of a virtual world Winner: Suffren Middle School

The Elven Institute Semi Formal

party_007.jpgI attended the Elven Institute opening and dedication tonight. There was a quick presentation followed by music and dancing.

Their mission statement given by Dewey Jung is as follows:

The campus is designed to serve the ELVEN mission, which is: to assist preK-12 educators and librarians to envision, construct, and use engaging virtual learning environments in order to demonstrate and document their value in increasing student achievement and growth. Toward this end, the Institute seeks to collaborate with other institutions, to conduct professional development and research, and to collect and disseminate best practices and useful tools related to prek-12 learning environments.

I look forward to learning from these folks!

There were some fabulous outfits and the dancing was a hoot!

The Blogger’s Cafe

I was watching my Twitter on Thursday when an announcement popped up for the Blogger’s Cafe in Second Life. I decided to check it out and lo and behold it were a few people I already knew: It’s hosted by Ryan Bretag (Existential Paine) and Jen Wagner (MacsMom Alcott). Also in attendance were Cheri Toledo (Etdoc Sungsoo), Jon Pederson (Harpua Bates), and Durff (Edith Halderman). It was chaotic at best, but it was great to meet everyone. As always, Jen is so organized she has a blogger’s cafe blog all set up. So if you are interested in learning what blogging is all about or you just want to join in the conversation, this is a great play to try it out!