Present at the 2010 ASCD Annual Conference

ASCD is now accepting proposals for the 2010 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, March 6–8. You may submit proposals for concurrent or research sessions. Proposals are due May 1, 2009. ASCD has invited the Learning Beyond Boundaries network to work with the conference planners to shape the technology infused education sessions. Even though you have to apply through the ASCD proposal site, entering your proposal on this matrix will ensure that your proposal is given due consideration.

We have already “seeded” the matrix with some topics, some of which we know should be covered in session proposal submissions, and we encourage you to feel free to enter session proposal information for any of the topics that you feel comfortable addressing. Or if you have suggestions for topics / presenters, let us know those as well.

Dennis Richards for the Learning Beyond Boundaries Team


Read Educational Leadership this month

Especially if you lead any professional development. The title is Literacy 2.0 and I think just about every article has relevance in our practice. The librarian and I have been looking for some reading to educate teachers on more meaningful online reading and plagiarism. I think we have found some great information in this issue in the articles The Importance of Deep Reading and Plagiarism in the Internet Age. I am also thinking about ways to use the articles about Let’s Talk 2.0 and Becoming Network Wise for our summer teacher technology course. I hope you get a chance to read this publication too. Please et me know if you are using these readings for professional development sessions. I would love to hear what others are doing. Enjoy!