MLTI Student Tech Team Conference

We had a terrific day at the Student Tech team conference on Friday. Ben and Ben taught Quizlet to a small group and did a great job explaining the ins and outs of the collaborative flashcard program.

Our Google Super session was amazing. We interacted online with Susan Gendron, the Commisioner of Education in Maine, and George Nelson from NASA. Ernie Easter helped us in the audience, and Google Docs pulled it all together for us. Perhaps the most amazing part was that we over 550 people from around the globe to answer our survey. Here are the data points and survey charts. It was so much fun to work with Jim, Sarah, Kern, and Cheryl. Everyone just rolled with the whole session. We has 800 + people in the audience all on apple iBooks and MacBooks. Cisco had a great chart which showed how many people were on line at once.  Cheryl has done a great job blogging about our experience.


Google Teacher Academy

  • Google Teacher's Academy NYC 2008Google Teachers Academy NYC 2008
  • November 18, 2008 at Google Teacher’s Academy – the Maine Connection.


    What a day! It was incredible and I am still processing! It was great to meet Twitter fiends and make some new ones. Lisa Thumann took pictures (we weren’t allowed to take any for security reasons and we didn’t have time anyway!) and one participant found a tour of the NYC Googleplex. The video is spot on! Thanks to Kern Kelley (also in this picture) for his great training session. Cheryl, Sarah, and I debriefed on the ride home and there will be much more, as we will be working on projects until May.

    Seedlings Podcast @ Bit by Bit #30

    Kern Kelley joins us for another snow day edition podcast. The discussion centered around PBS: Growing up Online, netiquette, and geek of the week. Enjoy! This was snow day #5 for me, so hope we don’t have too many more!

    Here’s the Chat:

    2008-02-13 07:24:11   cheryloakes seedlings ->   snow day!!

    2008-02-13 07:30:53   cheryloakes seedlings ->

    2008-02-13 07:31:02   alicebarr ->   Morning (or evening jo!)

    2008-02-13 07:31:14   jomcleay ->   Hi yes late evening

    2008-02-13 07:31:17   alicebarr ->   Can you hear us OK?

    2008-02-13 07:31:21   jomcleay ->   11.31 pm

    2008-02-13 07:31:29   jomcleay ->   can hear you well

    2008-02-13 07:31:33   alicebarr ->   Ohhh 7 :30 AM here.

    2008-02-13 07:32:03   jomcleay ->   was thinking of going to bed when I saw cheryl’s message on skype

    2008-02-13 07:32:11   alicebarr ->   Yea!!!

    2008-02-13 07:32:16   cheryloakes seedlings ->   hi jo, good to have you hear for a bit

    2008-02-13 07:32:22   jomcleay ->   thanks

    2008-02-13 07:32:32   jomcleay ->   so you have a snow day?

    2008-02-13 07:32:56   alicebarr ->   Yes we are all off today

    2008-02-13 07:33:02   alicebarr ->   Icy yucky stuff

    2008-02-13 07:33:12   bobsprankle ->   hi all

    2008-02-13 07:33:18   jomcleay ->   Hi Bob

    2008-02-13 07:33:19   bobsprankle ->   hi jo!

    2008-02-13 07:33:21   alicebarr ->   So we geeks are up early

    2008-02-13 07:36:40   jomcleay ->   Hiya all

    2008-02-13 07:36:45   jomcleay ->   thanks

    2008-02-13 07:36:49   cheryloakes seedlings ->   you bet

    2008-02-13 07:41:34   jomcleay ->   students do appreciate the ability to connect for an hour or so a few times a week

    2008-02-13 07:41:53   jomcleay ->   I did that last year

    2008-02-13 07:42:12   alicebarr ->   Jo did you have office hours?

    2008-02-13 07:42:25   alicebarr ->   OR were you just online?

    2008-02-13 07:42:39   cheryloakes seedlings ->   so did you have office hours at different times of the day?/night/weekend

    2008-02-13 07:42:40   jomcleay ->   yes. I was on for a time 6.00 to 7.00 pm

    2008-02-13 07:42:46   jomcleay ->   some nights

    2008-02-13 07:43:13   jomcleay ->   some students from last year have asked for it again

    2008-02-13 07:43:17   cheryloakes seedlings ->   and did your students help each other?

    2008-02-13 07:43:30   cheryloakes seedlings ->   for the office hour interaction or another class

    2008-02-13 07:44:31   jomcleay ->   no I didn’t get thaqt happening so much but they ask each other things anyway

    2008-02-13 07:46:26   jomcleay ->   they want me to be available to answer questions while they’re doing homework

    2008-02-13 07:47:02   cheryloakes seedlings ->   oh, then maybe it would be good for them to have a saved skypechat to question and collaborate with each other, like the webcast academy

    2008-02-13 07:48:07   jomcleay ->   what a great idea cheryl although these are students about 12-13 years

    2008-02-13 07:48:59   cheryloakes seedlings ->   yeah, I would look for another student friendly chat

    2008-02-13 07:49:48   cheryloakes seedlings ->   do you have a moodle? they have a chat room you can have on in a timed fashion

    2008-02-13 07:51:10   jomcleay ->   I guess we do have something like that I could investigate. I have been using msn

    2008-02-13 07:51:36   cheryloakes seedlings ->   moodle has a way to archive chat and only have it open during certain times if you want

    2008-02-13 07:53:00   jomcleay ->   I really like Bob’s idea of stepping back

    2008-02-13 07:53:46   cheryloakes seedlings ->   it is a tough skill to learn because we are constantly thinking we have so little time, when actually we need to invest in the time for students to have on their own learning time

    2008-02-13 08:02:32   alicebarr ->

    2008-02-13 08:03:43   jomcleay ->   twitter is that concept as well

    2008-02-13 08:04:08   alicebarr ->

    2008-02-13 08:04:22   alicebarr ->   Yes exactly Jo Twitter is just like that

    2008-02-13 08:05:27   jomcleay ->   I remember reading that Kern

    2008-02-13 08:05:47   jomcleay ->   It is counter intuitive but it works

    2008-02-13 08:06:44   Kern ->   I know, it was a big gamble – like all new ideas I suppose.

    2008-02-13 08:06:49   alicebarr ->

    2008-02-13 08:15:36   jomcleay ->   I will head off to bed now. It’s been most interesting.

    2008-02-13 08:15:39   jomcleay ->   cya all

    2008-02-13 08:15:49   cheryloakes seedlings ->   thanks for being here jo nighty nighty

    2008-02-13 08:15:53   jomcleay ->   bye

    2008-02-13 08:25:23   Kern ->

    2008-02-13 08:27:23   Kern ->

    2008-02-13 08:28:42   Kern ->

    2008-02-13 08:29:49   Kern ->

    2008-02-13 08:31:21   cheryloakes seedlings ->      free online courses for individuals, typing tutors

    2008-02-13 08:32:41   alicebarr ->