Apple Tech Update: spring 2008

May 14th: Aperture Workshop in Boston

Possible Final Cut Pro 6 event in Event TBA

MacBook update increased processor speeds

  • 1 GB memory standard on 2.1Ghz
  • 2GB memory standards on 2.4 GB
  • no more remotes but old ones will work

X Serve

  • X serve updated Jan 2008 has USB and firewire
  • Xserve RAID discontinued replaced with VTrakE-class HIgh performance RAID subsystem
  • 4GB fibre channel ports
  • Promise Technology


  • SDK iPhone Software Development Kit
  • Phone 2.0 software update in June including Microsoft Exchange support
  • $99.00 you can participate in iPhone Developer Program and download apps

Parallels 3.0 Features:

  • Smart Select
  • shared folders
  • VM explorer
  • Snapshot manager

Podcast Producer

  • podcast creation workflow
    • capture
    • annotate
    • encode
    • deliver
  • Components
    • Remote audio and video reacording and submission
    • multi-format workflow engine
    • Automatic publishing
    • scalable

Capture: has screen capture and voice activity


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