Earth Day 2009

earthdayMatt Montagne, Jeff Lebow, Doug Symington, Lisa Durff, and many others manned Earthbridges for a 24 hour Earthday webcast. I helped Thomas Copper and Dr. Holly Martin from The Walkers School broadcast their 5th graders who are sharing their work about taking water samples and collecting data at Nose’s Creek. I was very impressed by these fifth graders and how they behave like such scientists. They share their data at Walker Water World . I’ll post the broadcast and the archives when they become available.

I attended the sessions when Sheila’s students were finishing up and then Linda George’s were starting. Both groups were eloquent and well spoken. Hard to believe they are so young. We are lucky to have kids that care about our planet!


SEEDlings Webcast #6

We listen as Liz Kolb talks about using cellphones in the classroom. I’m not kidding, our mouths were hanging open! She has so many amazing links and resources. Also be on the lookout for her new book.

Delicious links at Seedlings Geek of the Week

Links from the show (Thanks Bob!):

New tools for Cell Phones (by Liz):

Liz is currently working on the following with students:

Weekly Podcast Project

Text Alerts

Class Polling/Brainstroming

Scavenger Hunt for Homework/Field Trips
Success Stories (from Liz):
Moblogging Links (from Liz):